Elive for servers

I'm working on the tool to "Elivize" a server, adding on it Elive super-powers and features, so yes, we are going to have this version soon... :slight_smile:

Volunteers to try it welcome! since this is going to be a version to publish on the elive website just like an extra version of Elive (but not in the form of ISO but a script tool to install elive things)

The version will not only install elive features but also a set of things like a Wordpress website, mail server, etc.. everything with elive fine-tunings :boogie:


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  • you can try it on a simple computer with debian or elive installed on it, or an existing server
  • you can setup an account with digitalocean / vultr (moving to vultr now) - please use these referral links for new accounts, so elive hosting will be benefited in lowered billings and also you with an extra credit

saw that on your github :happy:

please tell me when I can test it :smiley:

WAIT you're moving to vultur ?

yepsies, or at leas trying... seems like the hardware is a bit better and the IPs are less banned for spam :thinking:

I'm probably going to try this High Frequency Compute plan:

Now I just have to see if that's in CAD or USD. :thinking:
Probably USD.

I've got a Raspberry Pi 3 to test on as well as some older laptops (32 bits).

I could set the RPi up with Rasbian and go from there....it depends how no-arch the Elive scripts and tricks are. :thinking:


Elive always used the cheapest one :thinking: 6usd / month

hu! mmh... there's no elive repos for these architectures :thinking: but there's some compatible packages, so it must be tried but nothing is promised :thinking:

I'm not buying this just for Elive, chill.

just curious (and good to know for the tool), which services you plan to run on it?

Preview of how the ssh login will look like in the Elivized server:



Gitea, a few discord bots, maybe some misc other stuff.

In other words a general purpose server.

That would make for a good twitter, insta, f*book post. hint,hint,nudge,nudge. :magick:

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Very good .... don't forget the other platforms and:
Start preparing the next message. :wink:

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