Elive Forums 2.0 NAME AT THE TOP / confusion ELive 3.0?



I know this is the 2.0 version of your forum

But don’t you think some people could think those are forums for ELive 2.0 ? LOL And not the 2.0 version of your forums ?

Just asking / challenging you if it would be better to remove the 2.0 thing for the forum…


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  • Confusing name
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Yeah, good point, it meant to be a concept of “forum 2.0” (forums renewed), but it can be confusing while sounds good, hum…

Basically I want to make a difference between the word “forum” thinking on the old forums, to know that this is a newer one


IN case you didn’t know if you hilight something, the quote button appear and you click it
Yea I know you meant the new version of the forum so FOrum 2.0… I just don’t know if it’s good or not… Let you decide :slight_smile:


Well, lets see other users reply’s on this thread

Let me add a poll (and testing the feature!) to your first entry


I think that @yoda is right, the forum name merges with the stable version of Elive


Just a note: I tried to send me an invite to join the forum (some fixes in the server was needed with the emailing system) and (since includes the name Forum) makes it look like a renewed thing, example:

Yes I can understand the 2.0 relation with Topaz, by other side is not good to just say “Elive Forums” too, imagine to send invitations to all the old people that used the old Forum in the past, they will think that is the same and just skip the email (for most of them it didn’t even works, the email didn’t worked for years and so not even registration was possible on it before)


So well, suggestion names are welcome :), needs to be “this is not the old not-working forums” and at understandable that is a forum

“Elive new forums” doenst sounds enough, hum…


true but i don’t think for the 2.0 or 3.0 would be great to use because like said before it’s confusing.

As for a name I first was thinking “Elive discussion corner & FAQ” or something like that but i don’t know if this is something you where looking for ? Maybe it’s to long…


What abou these ones?:

  • People
  • Planet
  • Community
  • Forum
  • more?


Elive Community

@grottem ?


i not completely sure about Elive Community problem is I don’t have a better alternative :slight_smile:

@Thanatermesis if you would like to use Planet I sugest Planet Elive instead of Elive Planet…


“Planet Elive” sounds nice and more personalized

In fact I dont like much the name community (even if is more technically correct) because it sounds very standard, not special, “planet elive” is more engaging


Well Elive is out of this world so it’s correct :wink:


Since “Planet Elive” would be hard to change in the domain, the domain will be kept as “forum”, which will still correct (and we will continue using it unless a major change will be required)

Let’s see what it does like that…


How does looks like?


it doesn’t look bad to be honest


I LIke it too ( 14 characters reply )