Elive on double steroids!

It took me some days (fighting a slight cold) to get Elive onto a NVMe 970 Pro (that is, the way I wanted it) and HOLY SH*T it looks like Elive is on double steroids now!!! I haven't gone into compiling things, but just wanted to let you guys know its running like crazy!!! BEAUTIFULL!!!! BEAUTIFULL!!! :excited: :excited: :shocked: :shocked:


Yep, I heard NVMe 970 Pro makes a computer " damn fast " LOL

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I've got the cheaper Crucial M2-sata SSD's in my laptops and they fly. :madness:
I suspect yours will run circles around them.


Woww nice!

I wish I had that kind of money! :rofl2: :heavy_dollar_sign:: :heavy_dollar_sign: :heavy_dollar_sign: :heavy_dollar_sign:

Well it's not that expensive: about €170 for the 512Gb.
My 1Tb Crucial CT1000MX500SSD4 cost me €114 at the time but that 970 Pro is almost 7x as fast....not bad at all. :w00t:
It'll burn holes in my laptop. :madness:

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Same thing for me... I use not expensive SSD drive i installed in my PC (from 64GB to 500 GB) They gaved a 2nd life to my PCs...

I don't buy anymore 2000$, 3000$ or even 4000$ PC as I once did....

My last one, main one was around 200 or 300$ used.... i7 used HP ... Running Linux with SSD with 16 GB of RAM and the PC is doing very well

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The 970 is the model I wanted to buy recently :slight_smile: (3 GB / second read + 1,5 GB / second write, if im not wrong)

For now I still with my default SSD which is already 500 MB / rw so stills very good, not very hurry for now :slight_smile: