Elive on Macbook Air

Installed Elive on a Macbook Air. Wifi works OOB and is blistering fast.
Battery life is reasonable, up to 7 hoursElive on Macbook Air


What Cairo Dock Theme are your using ? (it is Cairo dock ?)
Very nice !

Yes yoda, its Cairo Dock
Goto configure cairo dock and choose Themes; Screenshot added


Adjusted the cairo-dock slightly; all the same icons (like to keep my things organised)

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I am also a fan of
wallpaper.com :+1:

My taste is slightly different to your choice, though

Yoda, this is one of the default setups from Cairo

This theme is Chrome-Round. within cairo-dock you'll find a template.svg. Copied the icons to pictures and took it from there. Used Photoshop to make a icon to my liking, but forgot where it resides .. :joy: :joy:so I made a file for you guys to download.
Changed the extension to png and/or jpg and insert a icon to my liking.

The easiest way to alter a theme for cairo-dock is to download an existing (almost) to your liking one from https://www.gnome-look.org/browse/cat/274/
Then unpack, alter and repack(compress) as tar.gz after which it can be added through the cairo-dock theme chooser.

I choosed another icon for each app in the dock of Cairo in the settings window of Cairo.
For this I used a prepared iconset from my own.
After all was changed by my gusto,
I was able to save it as new theme file within the Cairo options.
With this you can load that file - and therefore this theme - in any Cairo - at any computer...