Elive on more recent hardware

Hello. I have relatively decent hardware on my workstation and would like to use Elive as the main distro. I used Elive on an old notebook and the system gave it new life, running very well and with a beautiful look. Is stable Elive 3 a good system to use on newer hardware?

Xeon E5-2689
RX 470 4GB



Well you can always first try out the system running from USB.
3.0 Stable has a very different Desktop compared to 3.8 Beta so it's also a matter of taste.

Of course Beta has a (very much) newer kernel so it might have some hardware support that the older Stable kernel doesn't ....... but then again some older drivers (Wacom comes to mind here) are actually better than the newer ones, or worse: even discontinued.

So simple advice:
Try them out and see how it goes. :smiley14:


I've got very similar hardware and would suggest that you run the 64 bit but you have to be aware for some hiccups, because this release is still on a (late) _ beta stage.
That said, if you feel familiar with " the common Linux issues from earlier days" - you should give it a spin.


Really, it should work on pretty much any PC from 15 years ago to present, it's just the 64 bit is best for your specs.
To get 64bit:

  • Participate in the forums, fixing problems and keeping (kind of) active
  • Donate
  • Write a review

However the 64bit version, as @Rebel450 said, could be sort of unstable, so make sure to post any issues on the forums!

You probably know all of this but just making sure :wink:

(You could also, of course, wait for 4.0 but who knows when that will happen, there aren't enough donations :neutral_face:)

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Well in the end of the day, any pc that is worth to use (like you said, 15 years old to present) is, if it's desktop, 64 bit almost for sure (same for laptops probably from 13 years ago to present), so it would be worth using 64 bit on almost all systems. Even with only 3/4 gigs of ram, there are quite a few perks with a 64 bit system when comes to available software. Especially because you can run steam! (I cross-graded to get it to run).


Good point, but one may argue that the 64bit drivers, software etc. use more RAM, and disk space. Typically the extra ram makes up for it but if you have less than 3GB then 32bit may be better unless you have 64bit applications

As proof: look at the disk space Elive 3.8.2 64bit iso is (3.3GB) and compare it to 32bit (2.4GB)

That's 900MB difference! If you're low on disk space or have slow internet then that saves a lot of time/diskspace/bandwidth.

Good points however.


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To be abundantly clear:
It's "or" between the bullets, not "and" !
Although no-one ever got banned after doing all 3. :madness:


uuuh so i can access to the 64 bit version? :smiley:
Well i was preparing a website for my pictures portfolio and i was thinking about adding a "blog" section, i will probably write a review about elive in there.

I was under the impression you already could. Sorry about that. :smiley14:
If you want to I can PM you a link.

On the other hand:
I might quite like a blog/review of yours on Elive.
So don't tempt me into keeping it from you until you do. :madness:


I will do it in a month or so. I'm trying to subscribe to a photography agency so i will need a portfolio and a good website (like i said above). This means i will pubblish a few pictures with a description, like tiny articles, so why not also a post about which ones is the os i use to manage them!
I use darktable, which is fairly easier to use (and ofc free) compared to lightroom, while elive lets me run it on old hardware thanks to the low resources consumption. It's worth telling the world that you do not need a 27" iMac with a 600€ worth editing suite to adjust the warm level of a picture :joy:


oops, it was late at night when I typed that..most likely I was tired :thinking: