Elive Retrowave ROCKS

It's like when we want to tell someone : I LOVE YOU ( we wait to be sure before saying it)

I wanted to wait before saying it but here it is :heart:

Elive Retrowave is very very good. I love it

  • fast / snappy
  • stable
  • Very good looking
  • once you get to now how to do things efficiently (it could be differently than what you were used to) It's a very very efficient OS

It will be my daily driver for a while...

Still some stuff to tune and fix but congrats to all the people who made Retrowave possible ( special tks to @Thanatermesis and @triantares )



Elive Retrowave is now on my " TV PC " too.... 2 out of 3 :wink:


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Still love using Retrowave on my Laptop LOL