Elive Screen Capture - Being able to paste after selecting Area

Months ago @Thanatermesis you created a nice and very functionnal screen picture tool

Print screen take the entire screen and save it in the screenshot directo and allow us to PASTE IT

SHIFT + Print Screen : allow us to select an area and will save it in the directory, but do not allow us to PASTE it… We have to go open it and COPY it to paste it

If the Shift + Print Screen was working the same way Print Screen is working, it would be cool.

Faster to Screen Shot an area and past it…

The feature is already made but I have seen this bug that happens without a known reason, sometimes the “copy” works and sometimes not (on which you can paste it later), so maybe on a future version of Elive it will simply work (fixed by the versions of the external used tools)

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