Elive-screenshot E24 timer delay

How did you get a screenshot while in the menus? I never could.

Screenshot timer delay :smiley14:


What I do is use vokoscreen, then replay and take a screenshot. :dance:

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Where is this functionality?

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You use the -d option with "elive-screenshot" ..."elive-screenshot -drps" is what I use. :dance:

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The screen Shot program is surprise surprise called "Screenshot"

Set the timer to the time delay you think it will take you to go back and find the menu items you need to capture in this case the Entire screen,

Screen Shot Timer delay
Click Ok and the dialogue clears the desktop and starts the timer to wait for you to set up whatever frame you want to capture, in this case the menu above

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Oh, I thought you were talking about the e2* default screenshot tool.

Got it. My bad , I guess i had imagined this to be the default tool i set it up long time ago. I dont use the PRNTSCRN button, because the resulting screen grab exceeds my desktop and so i cannot reach the dialogue controls for saving the resulting picture. Maybe this gadget should be included by default for us GUI rats

You can if you resize the dialogue/widget and set it to be "remembered" i.e it's a one time action.

Something like:

  • Move the dialogue down
  • jump to virtual desktop below (Ctrl, Alt & arrow down)
  • resize the dialogue to the top of screen.
  • jump back up and move dialogue up
  • right click and set "remember"
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the new screenshot tool in E24 doesn't includes that? please report it to the Phab so they will include the functionality :slight_smile: say that you want to make screenshots with the menu included :smiley:

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I'll reproduce it first. I already get the impression that they're annoyed at me ever since I asked a stupid question about the EFLs (I skipped a tutorial thinking it was unimportant, turns out it had a snippet of code I had to type. I'm the kind of guy that tries something before reading the manual.) in the IRC chat :ohmygod:

With the latest update the screen margin issue seems to have been resolved. PRNTSCN button now brings up the default screenshot program with a small dialogue box with settings that fit right in the display space

It includes it now. I dont know whether it was not there in the past because i could not fit the dialogue box on the dispaly it always went below the lower border .