Elive Song - Where Dreams Take Flight

Elive, where dreams take flight

A beautiful SynthWave song about Elive :happy: :happybounce:

:furrydance: Make sure to enable Subtitles to watch the Lyrics :furrydance:


Was this made by AI? A bit over the top IMO :rofl:

Sounds fun but in all senses not very good if meant as serious PR. Just a nice additional fun thingy to add to the distro but ... Please, not too prominently.
It's a bit like the sound effects in the original Elive. :thinking:

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A song about elive cannot be a serious PR in any sense I think :thinking:

But yeah the lyrics is a mix between good and "over the top", I don't know how to do it better, any suggestions?

I mean, lyrics should describe, but how to describe the good things and not sounding over the top? or maybe it should not describe anything at all (then it may lose its meaning/purpose) ?

Anyways, what type of lyrics you think should be more appropiated instead? not sure if it may be used in any form but it can be a funny way to promote elive which is not a bad option

No not really. If at all, you want to create a vibe, a good feeling ... not necessarily a musicalized promotional text. The title and the video should be enough to indicate that it's about Elive.

Which makes it a promotional PR activity. Just using superlatives never really work there, on the contrary IMO.

Ok so what the lyrics should say? give me some examples :thinking:

Well, it's a matter of approach.
What you did there is a a musical surrounding of your almost standard Elive text. It's the hyperbole you use on the webpage made to rhyme a bit and in a constant drone to the instrumentals. Changing the text would serve no purpose.

If OTOH you want to create a musical piece that enhances to the feeling 'using Elive' should give, then first decide what vibe/mood it should have and how it the text/vocals should interact with the instrumentals. Use the lyrics sparsely, making them of more importance i.e pulling in attention.
For the lyrics you might want to tell a story, i.e a beginning/build-up and an end in crescendo or fading-away depending on the previously chosen mood.