Elive-toolcenter - a GUI launcher for some Elive features (WIP)

This will be the discussion thread for it, some notes:

  • a first package is made and usable
  • Im thinking to change the name, more like removing the "tool" part :thinking:

umm .....

  • elive-configurator
  • elive-Swiss-ArmyKnife :madness:
  • elive-settings-center
  • elive-รก-la-carte (I like this one :innocent: )
  • elive-feature-center
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maybe elive-configurator :thinking: let's KISS and with a meaning of its original (full?) purpose

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Maybe elpanel? :upside_down_face:

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Haha nah, elpanel had a very specific / known (and rare) design, I have revived it in the past, maybe is not hard to revive than interface since there was a good amount of work put on it :thinking:

But the concept / idea is very similar to elpanel, isn't @triantares ? :thinking:

Yeah, actually that is the way most distros structure a tool-panel/center ..... it's hard to find a very different format.
In our case it was the capabilities that 'yad' has that defines the look. :astonished:

Well, at least we have now a functional panel that was not very hard to make :applause: , going to be included in EliveRetro :wink:

Currently the app looks like this when I open:

Where there's twice the same icon.
The .desktop in /usr/share/applications needs altering in those cases.

  1. IMO the 'user configurations' icon should be set to 'preferences-desktop-user'

  2. Change 'user switch' icon to 'system-switch-user'


I had the small dialog window happen to today.
It (sometimes) happens with a full/cramped desktop where I suspect that 'yad' tries to 'dodge' the windows that are already there.
This 'dodging' isn't a yad built-in as it's set to '--center' so my eye is on E16. :thinking:

Looking back at ancient reviews it's surprising how favorable 'elpanel' was mentioned and then, as app sort of faded away in subsequent releases.
Like I've repeatedly said: Panels or centers like that, are the first 'go-to' to see what's on offer. It's the flag under which the distro sails.


revive elpanel

Elpanel's design would also be great for Retrowave.

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