Elive-tools commands cheat sheet or gui/wizard

Seeing there are quite a few specific commands in elive-tools (like “elivepaste” or “mounts-manager”) that are undocumented even missing a man page or “–help” entries and …
A few aliases in bash that are practically unknown .

it might be an idea to, at least create a cheat sheet for new users. Even better: a widget that offers those functions and/or a short description of what it does.

Quite a few of those functions could make a real difference to new users but are actually hard to find. A very specific Elive command_wizard might just make the difference and at least give those users a feeling that they are indeed in control instead of completely lost in a new environment.
This could create a feeling like: “Wow, I didn’t know this could be that easy! Or even possible!” and give something extra (on top of the eye candy and speed) to entice them to stay.

That’s right, they needs a bit of improvements (a —help at least), what actually I have in mind is to make a nice presentation of them in the website (future Features section), not specifically showing them as a help but as a nice presentation (is more important to show the users “what Elive is capable of”, because that makes the desire to download it, and then they will already know the tools / can be found on the website)

So I assume that I will improve them a bit with the --help options after to create these future Features pages :slight_smile: hum!

Yeah they are really nice, some ones with unbeliable features (see email-sender or git-watcher for example)