Elive version for servers

Elive has very nice and unique features for servers (like dotfiles, tmux configured, zsh features, etc), just like other features related to servers (basically things that i personally used for the servers of elive)

What do you think about making a version of Elive for servers? it sounds like a separated project (we don't want to bloat the website with extra subversions), but even better: not like an iso, just pick your debian option in your server and install elive features / packages, and select a server service, all in a shot

Do you think this will help making elive more known to the world?

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Not sure if it would make Elive more known but it would surely make the offer more mature than just a live_desktop that's installable.

Maybe even 2 versions:
One headless installable server and a second that's "read-only" for on CD/DVD or USB.
The latter would only require a reboot if compromised (or messed up by the admin :runaway:)

I had a "wordpress" virtualbox instance running on Ubuntu server for a while (they have an .ova). That by itself is definitely not a bad idea but Wordpress being what it is, is too bloated and not very reasuring - security wise.
This virtualization thingy opens up some nice possibilities like concurent, multiple servers -if the hardware is up to it.

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= .... when you have time for it .....

aha, I thought so.
Later then.

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In continuation of my comment on the Wikipedia thread, if this version for servers has the same efficiency effect than the usual one, there's a chance that it will have again more potential success: on servers, efficiency & security are mains qualities!
In efficiency, there's too the maintenance aspect: what could you tell us about it in compare with other Linux (even if we (I) aren't specialists)?
Some special things secure wise?


Probably another kernel, too.
Then a fully other level of maintenance,
people expect reliability at first.
There is a reason for that some few distros
has turned their activities on server variants only.

no, the idea is a normal debian "featured" by elive

so, no other distro (and no elive, no maintenance), just a normal debian, but with elive features (mostly for terminal)

elive has many things for destkop, all those things could not be included for a server version


That is because there is money to be made there, at least Red Hat makes a profit..... but they're the only one.
I didn't get the impression that @Thanatermesis was thinking of offering an enterprise grade server but more of a relatively safe home-server image.
Mainly NAS-file, ssh, web server and/or running personal stuff.

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