Elive wallpaper (stars) improved and more dynamic


leaving for 2 days, won’t have access to my Elive PC so won’t see santa on my desktop… :frowning: LOL

didn’t install it on my laptop as the touchpad is not working and I don’t want to have to bring/use a mouse everywhere with my Littlle HP Laptop ( SDD 32 gig, 2 or 4 gig of ram). the TouchPad not working with Elive and I don’t want you to loose time with that. I do not use that laptop often, only when on the road ( to have access to my company tools (Web, SSH etc)


it will show at night times between day 25 and first days of january :slight_smile:



YEaahhh @Thanatermesis I got addicted to your old forum’s emojis :slight_smile:


Hi @Thanatermesis, I’m taking any doubt back. It looks amazing! Great Work!


This features is magiq, thanks !!!


hello can i get this beautifull theme on my e22 update ?



I think that not, the Enlightenment version of Elive includes special features which if im not wrong it allows to manage things like this, that is not included in other versions, or in fact, I think that these features are deprecated in newer versions, I cannot recall correctly since im not very experiencied in these newer versions


if u share source code maybe can make it compatible ?

u have a github i can see ?