Elive wallpaper (stars) improved and more dynamic


leaving for 2 days, won’t have access to my Elive PC so won’t see santa on my desktop… :frowning: LOL

didn’t install it on my laptop as the touchpad is not working and I don’t want to have to bring/use a mouse everywhere with my Littlle HP Laptop ( SDD 32 gig, 2 or 4 gig of ram). the TouchPad not working with Elive and I don’t want you to loose time with that. I do not use that laptop often, only when on the road ( to have access to my company tools (Web, SSH etc)


it will show at night times between day 25 and first days of january :slight_smile:



YEaahhh @Thanatermesis I got addicted to your old forum’s emojis :slight_smile:


Hi @Thanatermesis, I’m taking any doubt back. It looks amazing! Great Work!


This features is magiq, thanks !!!