Eltrans comments and wording brainstormings

This thread is about discus or more like questions in the messages or wording used in eltrans, like questions about meanings and similar


Would "génial" (translated to "awesome") be a good term for this, or is it too informal??
It was originally "vraiment bon" or "très bon" or something.

I think "génial" sounds good :slight_smile: , elive is more a friendly system than a "socially polite" system lol

note: this thread is to talk about things and questions... but the comments in the eltrans messages are only shown with eltrans (poedit tool in fact) for the specific language / sentence, so, only visible to other translators of the same message when they will translate the same sentence (if im not wrong, or something similar). So these messages are good to "mention" something to other translators for a specific sentence I assume

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Translating English with eltrans...

Seems like Netflix doesn't like Linux, so to make it to accept your connection you need to fake your identity, making it believe that you are not in Linux but in Windows instead. We can do this easily with a web addon for Firefox.

I'm sure that this reminds people of identity theft (e.g. fake your identity, making it believe) so people might think that this is illegal, when it is not. IMHO we should do a different wording, ideas?