Email health in Forum

Actually I don't know / remember if the email system is correctly working on the forum, seems like we can actually receive emails, but, can we "reply via email" ? if this feature stopped to work maybe a lot of people lost their posts trying to answer from email? :thinking:

Any volunteers to do these tests?:

Test 1: if you used this feature in the last 30 days, you should have a copy of that email in your email "sent" section, just check it and make sure your reply was published on the forum (same thread, etc...)

Test 2: A mention B, but B doesn't enter in the forum in the next 1 hour (i think), which then should receive an email notification about the mention, then reply the email, 5 minutes later check if the reply is posted in the forum

I replied to the 3.8.20 announcement I recieved via e-mail on my phone a few minutes ago.

Doesn't seem to work. :face_with_head_bandage:
It does work! Took a few moments longer and I even got a badge for it. :madness:

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