Enlightenment E24 released

E24 has been released

Highlights: lower RAM usage, better screenshot tool

Thought I should share.

We on Elive automagically always have the latest, built from the github version ...... How cool is that? :w00t:

enlightenment --version
ESTART: 0.00001 [0.00001] - Begin Startup
ESTART: 0.00006 [0.00005] - Signal Trap
ESTART: 0.00007 [0.00001] - Signal Trap Done
ESTART: 0.00008 [0.00001] - Eina Init
ESTART: 0.00048 [0.00040] - Eina Init Done
ESTART: 0.00049 [0.00001] - Determine Prefix
ESTART: 0.00053 [0.00004] - Determine Prefix Done
ESTART: 0.00055 [0.00002] - Environment Variables
ESTART: 0.00057 [0.00002] - Environment Variables Done
ESTART: 0.00058 [0.00001] - Parse Arguments
Version: 0.24.0-beta1.beta1

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Yeah, already included & available on the repo since 2 days ago :sunglasses:

Seems like it is a good improved release!

~ ❯❯❯ appo enlightenment
Installed: 0.24.0+18+git5ad58920a6-6buster18

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Was wondering why my Desktop all of a sudden looked dated. "Richmondesque". That's (M$soft) if you know what i mean. I thought because i had reinstalled a fresh Elive after the battle with a deteriorating wifi card.

  1. The Menu and Tool bars in LibreOffice looked off ( Probably a theme issue)
  2. I lost the Network Icon ( nm-applet or connman applet ) in the Ibar and there seems to be no way of putting it back for now
  3. Fewer items in the Ibar/Shelf for loading onto the dock
  4. Suddenly Graphical Gdebi magically working again. We had lost after updates
  5. Hardware Screenshot tool ( where you press PrntScr) is still crappy. The screenshot image window cannot fit on my computor even when i use the smallest dimensions settings . The save buttons at the bottom go off screen so i blindly save image

Will post more findings

That was due to you playing around with connman vs network-manager. Get it back by right clicking on the bar and opting for "shelf" - "contents" and adding :connection-manager"

Can't say I noticed ..... there's various ways of adding items.
On upgrade, all settings were back to "standard", though.

If you want an Elive icon on the bar here's the .edj file to add that as theme:

I had the same .... induced by not using the highest available screen resolution on my laptop (2560x1440 on 13" screen is eye straining).
Solution: Right clicking the top bar of the prtscrn-window let's you opt for "window" - "resize with keyboard", after which you right click again and tell it to "remember" the size and position.

note: remember to report the possible bugs of E if they are bugs to the phab, so we can accelerate the stability of the new E for the future versions of Elive


Who is phab?
And if they are the authors of E , didnt you mention in the past that they never respond to bug reports? What if us on Elive forward these to bugs to Elive and the technical team forwards these to phab. You know , issues of credibility , familiarity etc


mmh, I think that all the problem was simply caused because the tickets was not "assigned" to someone (so they are not notified)

not really, this means more work (and we don't have much time to invest on that, there's stills many things to work on), credibility is not needed, the only thing needed is to have a correctly detailed report with the steps of how to reproduce it and the needed info

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Resize does not work when you try to shrink the window even with the keyboard( i think it has reached its minimum window dimensions and cannot get any smaller, yet still staying beyond the screen limits), it only works when expands the window further ( worsening the problem further),.

However i realised you can use the same method but instead of " resize with keyboard" select "move with keyboard" and shift the window upward with the arrow keys on keyboard to access the save buttons at the bottom. Unfortunately , you end up losing contact with the menu bar at the top and cannot right click it anymore

This is what i meant is no longer possible to get it back to the Ibar. " Shelf" - "Contents" does not have it as a functional option in its menu the option available in "advanced " tab but does not have an icon and does nothing when selected. I thought this is an E24 bug. But as you said i have tinkered with my pc for long maybe i gutted something vital. For now i am happy i get the internet without clicking anything. Browsering just starts after bootingShelf_contents
This is what my shelf contents looks like even after apt-get installing connman
BTW i did a fresh clean install of Elive 3.8.12 so everything may be new. Infact lost all my customisations just building them up from scratch

It certainly won't show if you've removed "connman" ...... OTH it can also be found under "settings panel" - "extensions" - "modules" - under the tab "system".

No, but if you can reach the right hand bottom corner: There's a position there (with a slightly pulsating blue dot) with which you can resize the window (if it isn't "maximized") and then move the smaller window down again. :idea:

Bingo! :smiley14: That did it!

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@Thanatermesis : in your "SMALL DEMO of using Eltrans for Proofreading:", it seems you have tuned a mix of e16 and E24? (seems e14 screen with E24 toolbar, or so?)


not really, I only used the same wallpaper I have in e16 for e24, I yesterday started to play a bit using E24 and to make the change less "strange feeling" a good tip is to use the same wallpaper :slight_smile:

the theme is "flat" btw, which IMHO is a bit uncomplete but looks much better than the default one, I assume @triantares already tried it too

I don't have "flat" anymore but found the difference with "default" minimal.
I do use a version where I added the Elive logo (.svg image)
as the starter icon, it's here:

In time I'll make a light version but I'm in no hurry, yet. :smile_cat: