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Enlightenment (E24) Issues

  • Built-in file manager sometimes freezes the whole system when generating icons/pictograms when connecting large (USB) disks or opening directories for a first time. The built-in manager is below par compared to Thunar.

  • Lightdm login screen gets ever darker due to screen dimming by compositor. It has to be disabled otherwise eventually the login screen will become unworkable.

  • On my machine, when the mouse hits the screen edge it moves to the next (virtual) screen.
    This is overly sensitive and makes the desktop extremely "jumpy" when I don't know where my pointer is.
    So I disabled it by simply removing all the edge bindings here:

Hah, peace and quiet. :happy:

  • The Elive start-up scripts are not enabled by default (yet) so if you want those you'll have to add them yourself through "settings panel", "apps", "startup applications".

  • The Connection Manager icon in the iBar does not show anything useful unless "connman-gtk" is manually installed.


  • Network-manager and connman don't play nice together. Disable network-manager with "sudo systemctl disable network-manager.service" after rebooting connman will work as it should.

  • If encountering a troublesome, sensitive touchpad, setting the touchpad-configurator will not be remembered and "syndaemon" will not be set and you will have to do it yourself or add "touchpad-configurator" to your startup-applications.

    If you want to know whether (and with what settings) syndaemon is running use:
    "ps -ef |grep syndaemon" and it should show something like:

trianta+ 4143 1 0 20:58 ? 00:00:00 syndaemon -d -t -K -R -i 1.0
trianta+ 7212 6612 0 20:58 pts/0 00:00:00 grep --color=auto syndaemon


To keep all your E24 settings and tweaks when upgrading your Elive system with i.e a flashdrive:

  1. Add "enlightenment" and "enlightenment-data" to "/etc/elive/packages_to_maintain_installed" before upgrading.
  2. Boot into E16 (it's the default) and copy or rename the directory (and everything in it) ~/.e-old-your-previous-version to simply ~/.e
  3. Log out of E16 and into Enlightenment as it was before. :w00t:
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Maybe it's laready been reported in an older topics (I didn't read all of them) : when logging in on e23, the welcome screen is displayed for a very long time (about 4 minutes) before I get actually logged in.

The screen is not frozen though. I can move the mouse pointer and the screen darkens every 30 seconds of inactivity.

This didn't happen on the very first login after e23 installation.

Any idea why it takes so long ? Is there anything I can check to help improve this issue ?

I think this darkening is connected to the compositor settings I mentioned in the first post (I add stuff there, as it goes along). So turn off the backlight dimming there to see if it helps. :thinking:

The first time E23 starts up, it will take a fairly long time but after that it shouldn't take more than a few seconds ...... so there might be something else wrong there if you continue to see this behavior.

Hitting Ctrl,Alt and F12 should show system messages and the same combo but with F7 will bring you back.


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Solve that by having "acpid" running through:
"sudo systemctl enable acpid.service"
and then after a reboot acpid should be activated and E23 happy. :applause:

If you don't want to reboot or simply want to test first:
"sudo systemctl start acpid.service "
and to see what it's doing:
" sudo service acpid status"

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