Epour: Python + EFL torrent application

For those that likes Python, there's an EFL application to download torrents (similar to transmission) made on it called Epour, you have it directly on your repos now, its quite powerful and I think it can be well used as a python example with EFL

mentions: @triantares , @TheTechRobo

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Maybe .... but it looks horrific in my machine. :shocked:
Not intuitive at all and really ugly.
And it's weird that it insists on installng 'python3' which is actually the standard these days since Bullseye... How old is this app?

  • Never mind, just found out: 6-10 years.

This is how elementary looks like :thinking: but is true the interface is not very intuitive, on the other hand is very featured

See how it looks like with the Detourious theme:

That looks sort of OK.
Weird on my machine (on E16) it looks totally different.

I wonder what's going on. :shocked:

It doesn't looks so bad, a little better than the default theme IMHO :thinking:, run elementary_config to reconfigure your theme (and colors!) - but make a backup maybe because this color set has some good points