ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED while connecting to

Hi! I've recently noticed that when I try to connect to the elive website, I get an "ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED" error. Does someone knows why this could be happening or even how to fix it? Thanks in advance!

Weird, I have been connecting from Canada, with or without VPN for years. ?

Where are you from ?

I will let @Thanatermesis reply to you...


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I am from France. It only happened recently since I could access the website before on the same network and the same configuration.

@VSCodeUser4ever You are actually unable to connect to the website? what is your IP address? check it from here

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Yes, I can't connect to the website without using TOR. Could I send you my IP adress in private? I don't really feel like sharing it online to everyone.

Than as an admin of the forum you can see his IP, at least the one he use to connect to the forum...

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Connect to it from a normal IP, these TOR ips are normally banned because they are used by bots to try attacking websites, your TOR ip probably was used for malicious purposes against the website

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But it works only when I use TOR. When I use tor, I can successfully connect to the website but if I use any other browser it doesn't work and just give me an ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error.

I'm in Belgium with a Dutch phone on a mobile connection and I connect just fine.

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It also work when I use another WIFI. Sounds like the problem comes from something preventing my IP from accessing the website.

Could that WIFI be using i.e a VPN or an IP address that is banned by a lot of providers?

That's why I asked you what is your IP, it may be accidentally banned

After to see your profile, yes I verified that your IP was banned because it accessed multiple times to unexisting URLs, I have just un-banned it now, so it should work


Thank you for your help!