Error on desktop

I get this error message when getting to desktop:

Received Unknown Client Message.
Client name: eesh
Client Version: 0.2
Message Contents:
'menus reload'

anyone have any idea how to get rid of it, scratching my head for days

It's an E16 startup script error and can be ignored (i.e clicked away) if your left-click menus on the desktop work (they should)

I have seen this issue on a laptop but not all (i've got about 6 of them, here and there). It appears after a (re)boot i.e NOT when 'restarting' E16, so does seem to point to one of the Elive startup scripts.
Not sure yet what's causing it exactly but will look into it when I get my hands on that laptop for a while (it's my wifes and she never voluntarily reboots :slight_smile: )

It also happens to me when I select an option that provides a dialog box - e.g., Right Click - Maintenance - Query cache size.

The same thing works on the command-line (via eesh), so I'm not sure what's wrong.

Ah very good ..... I hadn't noticed that yet.

It's strange because other 'dialogs' called by 'eesh' (like 'eesh dialog_ok "testing eesh"' or 'eesh exit logout') work just fine. :thinking:

I very much doubt that E16 itself has changed in any meaningful way so I think we'll be needing @thanatermesis to double check his latest scripts.

Thanks for replying, Seems when I do a sudo apt-get upgrade it has the problem, a new install without upgrade works fine, another issue, I get a lot of screen tearing when on a browser.

We'd need to know your machine specs for that.
Use the command 'sudo inxi -xx SMCGm' in a terminal to get a copy/paste-able output for that. :innocent:

I can't say I've noticed anything in that sense on any of my machines.

Is there any way to disable the messages?

it should be automatically fixed in the last automatic update (when you reboot your computer)