Espanso: dynamic typing

I just found this beautiful piece of software and wanted to share it because I think it's very interesting and can be extremely handy for work. With today's phone's features this is something linux missed in the last years

That looks very interesting .... a lot will depend on what the use case will be.
I'll give it a try when I can.

And somebody please remind me to donate if I do like it. Sometimes you intend to donate but first test and then simply forget to do that. :frowning:

I've installed and started using it but I'm not sure if it really helps in any way.

If I got it right you need add your own replacements and eventually it will be of some aid when typing a text. It might actually be overkill as all in all, it's the same as running own scripts with hotkeys (well a bit more, to be fair)

For instance:
I use flameshot and imgur to paste images here on the forum. As @TheTechRobo rightly stated, imgur does not like hot-linking so I link directly.
I do that inserting the link with a preset size and copy the link inside the brackets:

I had been mulling to get flameshot to do that or either a hot-key (still might do that) but now I only have to type :img to have that appear. :innocent:

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