Evolution E-Mail app; any thoughts?

In my Elive installations I usually opt out of installing Thunderbird/Sylpheed as I prefer Evolution; it's not as bare-bones (to me) as Sylpheed and not as bulky as Thunderbird.

Anybody else use Evolution?

I did but I don't anymore.
Funny you consider "thunderbird" bulky and not "evolution", which is actually a complete groupware-suite nowadays ....... now that's bulky. :rofl:

Ouch! I still tend to use PIMs for my email; comes from being a fan of Outlook before the feature bloat. One thing I would like either Evolution or Thunderbird to do would be the ability to schedule and launch online conferences/meetings with Skype, Signal, Teams or Zoom. That was one thing Microsoft almost got right with Outlook until they dropped support for regular Skype in favor of Skype for business and Teams (I think they still have support for Zoom).