Excessive columns in homepage

The homepage includes many columns with characteristics, which is a good thing! they don’t feels very obtrusive and nobody is forced to read them (people may probably just search for the images)

By other side the psychological communicative aspect is a more complex thing, by having “too much” leads to a lack of interest reading them and a also about its contents

Visually the first section of row’s looks like there’s too much of them, Im thinking in remove 2 entries to remove a row spacing from that section, for example the multi-screens one (this is just a feature, and elive has many of them like the touchpad configurator)

Let’s vote which entries from the homepage you think that are less essential

Please read them to know which message it try’s to communicate to the user and see which ones sell’s the less by being a trivial feature, this list is meant to the be the most important ones:

  • Virus
  • Cost-free
  • Super-fast
  • Intuitive
  • Try before install
  • Applications
  • Get work done
  • No spyware
  • Multiple screens
  • All languages

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The homepage has been updated thanks to the corrections and improvements by Dark1LTG