External monitor not recognized

Question: I was running LXLE on four computers in my classroom and I discovered the awesomeness of elive and decided to switch over. I successfully installed elive on both of my tower computers but on the two laptops I use external Dell monitors. On one laptop I was able to swap out the VGA cable and it allowed dual monitors to work but on the other there is no VGA connector so I bought an HDMI to VGA adapter and when I boot up elive it won’t display but when I put in a LXLE disk or USB it shows on both displays so I know the adapter and cable are working. I have an Intel graphics card that has up to date drivers. Why is the monitor recognized in LXLE and not in elive?!?!

I assume that you mean that the tool in LXLE shows the display and you can configure it

Have you tried to boot Elive with the display already connected before to boot?

also try the command xrandr -q which should show you everything detected, but should be the same result as the screens configurator

LXLE automatically shows on both screens at boot. I tried xrandr -q and it couldn’t give me much information. Lspci showed I have an Intel graphics card.

Yes LXLE let’s me configure screens no problem and I tried to use tools in elive and no second monitor is detected.

Also I can’t install elive in UEFI only Legacy boot but when I reboot the install doesn’t exist. I thought maybe since I can’t install it and can only run it in live mode that might be the problem with monitor detection.

This version of Elive doesn’t supports UEFI

Seems like Elive doesn’t recognize correctly this type of cable converter, maybe due to old drivers included in the version 3.0

These things will be included for the future next beta builds, which is an unknown state: https://elivecd.org/download/beta/