Fan seem more noisy and busy with RetroWave

I am under the impression my Laptop fan works a lot more with Elive Retrowave.

What would be the easy to tune it ?

With 2-3 others distros I used before, I don't remember my fan working that much and that often...

My Laptop was more silent.... (I'm not 100% on that LOL but I Strongly think so)

I will pay attention as where / when it seem more noisy.... ON what surface (as the fan and where it takes the air from is "under the laptop"

A subjective impression is extremely hard to define so be careful there.
To find out what is happening with your machine, use the 'sensors' command or if you want a GUI use:
"api xsensors" and call 'xsensors'.
It's actually quite nice. :slight_smile:

My machine starts to blow and gets hotter when watching movies,

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I Am upgrading the BIOS to the most recent version 1st to get that variable out of the way....

This is something to objectively check.

  1. Use a similar or preferably same app to run on the different distros. My machine quickly starts venting hot air when looking at youtube videos, you could try that .... but take a note on how long it takes to start blowing.
  2. Use 'sensors' or 'xsensors' to track CPU (and GPU) temperature and note whether the fan triggers at the about the same temp. (mine triggers at 50 deg Celsius)
  3. Check at what speed the fan turns and how effective that is in cooling (or not).
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Will make some test this week comparing with another distro

Buy making research I discovered that most owners complains this model has a noisy and busy fan...

So my observation is highly subjective lol when something is new tend to pay more attention etc etc

Will keep you posted

The Helix2 had the same issue. My daughter didn't dare take the machine with her to the library due to it's noisyness.
So we found a next gen Helix (tablet) version which didn't have a fan at all.... albeit the CPU was less powerful.

I don't doubt it. :madness:

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