Flatpak and Snapd

Question to experienced " Debian experiencied " people.

Are you using Flatpak and snapd to install apps not already in the official Debian repo ?

Or you don't dare doing it, risking to make your system unstable ?

As security/confidentiality and stability are important to me, I was wondering what people who have been with Debian for a long time, are doing, concerning those 2 Applications's installation standard that are cool to use for Linux Noobies/Green


My experience using snap to install e22 on Ubuntu definitely messed with my system making it unstable.
My advice: Test first on a disposableVirtualbox install, that's a fair copy of your system.


Before thinking about SNAP & flat -
we should better think at first 'bout
init - upstart - systemd

Then, when you are ready with this concept,
you might think about it - imo :wink:

Next thoughts to this:
Which base is under the hood,
is it recommendable to use it with snap/flat -
which sources are reliable/worth to trust on?

You see,
words are easy, but then ... - like Linus said:
"show me the code...."

LOL. :rofl:

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I don't use snap. I do like flatpak though.

Both get messy but I have a tendency for flatpack too if I need a program that doesn't have Debian binaries like 'opencpn'.