Forum / Community / Friends - concept name


Apart of the “Elive Forums 2.0” name, maybe this forum should have a different name to use (that can be hard to change in the domain name, so not sure if is a good idea)

Im talking about the sense of this site, if like a forum, a talk place, a community…

Some fancy names suggestions? like:

  • Elive Friends
  • Elive Community
  • Enlightened Users
  • Elive Forums (sounds a more optimal concept in any case)
  • Elive Racers

Some nice engaging ideas?


Yes Elive Forums is good


Why not just having the LOGO and what your write do the job ?

Mean keep the URL forum.elive… but when your describe / introduce the link, and once on the site, the LOGO could be whatever your want…

I like Elive Friends and Elive Community.



Having only the logo can be confusing and so looking like “this website is the website of elive” (no, it is the forum)

Yeah the url is a good thing, but maybe not so clever to identify it by the ur

I think that it also needs an identity (what is THAT? what is this website for? what is about?), so defining it as a forum, or a community… i dont know what can be the most engaging identification, i dont want it to sound boring too lol


Elive Space-Travelers ? :stuck_out_tongue:


@subrms not sure to understand your last message, did you got a warning/error thing in the forum? :thinking:


I really like the “participation” concept & possibilities using this forum, which name-concept can be used for that?