Freenode staff resigned

In case you do not know, Freenode staff has resigned. See for example

they suggest to move to the libera IRC network (

maybe you should register #elive in this network


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or maybe in oftc

I've also heard good things about HackINT.

As most of the Staff from Freenode was moving to libera, it is a good starting point. They are doing great work and the network is proven stable.
Plus: They are open and supportive to OpenSource Projects ans User groups. It is good, to be seen in the servers channel list.

Thanks! At the moment I don't have much time due to the ton of work but I will move the default settings next, let's just wait a bit of time that other projects also move (which is good to have a good range of channels available around) and we will make the decision after :slight_smile: , so I don't think (maybe im wrong?) to still use freenode for a while

just remember me it in 1-2 months if I didn't do it before, also IRC is not very active

More info about HackINT:

Pretty good IRC. Nice thing compared to Freenode is anyone can register a channel.

FSF is moving to Libera tho.

freenode is fine, except they might sell user data