Freenode staff resigned

In case you do not know, Freenode staff has resigned. See for example

they suggest to move to the libera IRC network (

maybe you should register #elive in this network


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or maybe in oftc

I've also heard good things about HackINT.

As most of the Staff from Freenode was moving to libera, it is a good starting point. They are doing great work and the network is proven stable.
Plus: They are open and supportive to OpenSource Projects ans User groups. It is good, to be seen in the servers channel list.

Thanks! At the moment I don't have much time due to the ton of work but I will move the default settings next, let's just wait a bit of time that other projects also move (which is good to have a good range of channels available around) and we will make the decision after :slight_smile: , so I don't think (maybe im wrong?) to still use freenode for a while

just remember me it in 1-2 months if I didn't do it before, also IRC is not very active

More info about HackINT:

Pretty good IRC. Nice thing compared to Freenode is anyone can register a channel.

FSF is moving to Libera tho.

freenode is fine, except they might sell user data

seems like it doesn't works anymore

anyways, moving to, keyra is already here :slight_smile: , next iso will automatically conhnect to the new one, and website is updated: Live Chat - Elive

do we should have back our "chat" button in the top of the header of hte forum? :thinking: like it was in the past (but it is not very used), @triantares @TheTechRobo @Rebel450 @yoda @LupusE

BTW, anyone is able to connec to freenode now in order to remove its old data since seems to be sell? @Vincent_Torri ?

Could be an idea to put it up more prominently, considering how little it was used lately.
Just might give it a little boost. :thinking:

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I have the feeling the button is used very often. There are al ot of people entering the chat and leaving fast. If there where questions, it is about the payment 'i have donated, where is link?' or 'i don't hav emoney, but want the latest version with the most features' ...
And sometimes there are good questions. If I can't solve them, I point them to the forum. sometimes it worked.

I'll say: The webchat option oesn't hurt and is used sometimes.

Should I make an analysis/presentation from the #elive log? :wink:

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Similarily, should we add (public) chat-logs? (Running the discord-irc bridge 24/7 would work, too, as Discord keeps message history.)


that could be good, remember that the purpose of keyra is to help people, her best feature is to match regex, so we can grep in the log for "donat" or "link" or "download" to generate a new answer on keyra from multiple possibilities about hte downloads issues (!keyra help for more info)

not worth at the moment, there's very small activity on the chat, but the "apt" bot was always publishing logs I think :thinking:

Well, the icons were included in the forum but in blank (not displayed) due to updates that invalidated the icons so they didn't show up, its not easy to know which ones can be used so i leave here for the record the links to some code here and here, we have the chat icon now (reload) :applause:


I've used my personal Logs from 4. Nov 2019 to 26. May 2021. In this time we've got 1011 individual 'Elive*[number]*' accounts.
Just a quick summary so far.

There are different kinds of Elive users.


I've made no time-chart, so far. And I've made a little cleansing, to get the difference between 'country' and 'user/inst'. I've made no IP-check! The individuals are based on the number. So there could be a reallife missmatch.


Country Chat Login/out inst user
Web 735 499 0 0
en 503 1953 154 349
es 179 789 113 66
it 59 410 41 18
xx 58 383 0 58
pt 45 380 37 8
fr 40 420 16 24
de 29 293 12 17
ru 18 249 6 12
li 17 14 0 17
tr 15 28 7 8
ro 11 38 0 11
nl 8 67 8 0
ca 5 16 1 4
sc 5 45 2 3
el 4 18 2 2
id 4 6 4 0
pl 4 74 1 3
os 3 16 0 3
sv 3 31 1 2
bg 1 18 0 1
cs 1 34 0 1
da 1 18 0 1
uk 1 8 1 0
bo 1 2 0 1
bs 0 2 0 0
et 0 4 0 0
fi 0 10 0 0
fy 0 36 0 0
ga 0 2 0 0
gd 0 4 0 0
hr 0 6 0 0
hu 0 38 0 0
iw 0 2 0 0
ja 0 6 0 0
ko 0 4 0 0
lv 0 2 0 0
mk 0 2 0 0
nb 0 10 0 0
sk 0 8 0 0
sl 0 26 0 0
zh 0 8 0 0
af 0 2 0 0
ik 0 4 0 0
is 0 2 0 0
ug 0 4 0 0
vi 0 2 0 0
lt 0 2 0 0

I asume 'Eliveweb*' (here 'web') is the chat-Button from the Forum?
There are 499 Login and quit messages. I would say, it is used well. From the 735 chat lines, we can say Every User is writing 1,5 Lines ... Maybe we should dig deeper how many are writing more then 'hey'.

As expected, most users got the 'en' flag. Based on GeoIP or based on the browser language?
But only 0,25 Lines per Login ... A little poor.

The Language 'es' is following with a little more than one third of 'en'.

With all theese number i would say: The IRC is underestimated. A lot of users are joining, but there are only a few dialogs.

Here is our pecious chatty Keyra in compare:

Nick Cleanse Country Chats Lines
keyra keyra 5745 603
keyra_ keyra_ 184 19

And there are some valuable dialogs going on in #elive

Nick Cleanse Country Chats
keyra keyra 5745
Naglfar Naglfar 1058
lupuse lupuse 873
coprologist coprologist 463
hemimaniac hemimaniac 268
keyra_ keyra_ 184
TheTechRobo TheTechRobo 168
grottem grottem 108
thelounge5235112 thelounge5235112 98
EliveWeb_64 EliveWeb_64 Web 90
Elive_user_en_28 Elive_user_en_28 en 89
sbef sbef 89
Elive_user_anon live_user_anon 85
kickfliph kickfliph 75
Elive_user_en_14 Elive_user_en_14 en 61
Elive_inst_es_62 Elive_inst_es_62 es 60
Elive_user1 Elive_user_xx_01 xx 45
ircdiscord ircdiscord 41
jfbourdeau jfbourdeau 39
she_dyed she_dyed 36
EliveWeb_92 EliveWeb_92 Web 35
Elive_inst_en_28 Elive_inst_en_28 en 34
Amihay Amihay 30
EliveWeb_33 EliveWeb_33 Web 27
EliveWeb_25 EliveWeb_25 Web 26
Thanatermesis Thanatermesis 25
EliveWeb_73 EliveWeb_73 Web 24
Elive_user_en_26 Elive_user_en_26 en 23

[Note to myself:I need to get a life, before I'll have more lines than keyra]

You can change your username after login ... didn't match that.Maybe I need to excrackt and match the user@host part, too ...

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Yes, actually the next ones from the distro will be EliveLinux, much better to promote Elive in other channels :slight_smile: , so there's eliveweb, eliveforum, and elivelinux now (next)


yes, spanish-like people are much more talkers than any other country i think lol :rofl2:

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Here, I want to show the advantage of keyra (for the not so IRC-active people):
[.. some talk about 'how to get users to elive' ..]
14:02 < LupusE> a new release won't bring new users.
14:02 < LupusE> a new media presence may will.
14:10 < LupusE> .oO( and UEFI/SecureBoot would bring new users )
14:11 < LupusE> I've needed a quick live-system, a few days ago. So I used my Elive Stick ... But I can't start because of secure boot. Tails worked OOTB.
14:11 < keyra> Thanatermesis ping, somebody needs you
14:12 < LupusE> elive with persistence is much nicer to work, but I can't disable secure boot at at our office systems.
14:12 < keyra> if you have a VERY SLOW persistence experience the cause is the speed of your USB, i suggest you to get a Sandisk Ultra Flair 3.0 CZ73 model which is cheap and verified here that works very good with persistence
14:13 < LupusE> thanks for the support, keyra. always a pleasure to have a talk with you!
14:13 < keyra> you are welcome :), or 'yaw' as how the slow-typing humans says

If I would have no Idea, I think the answers would be very helpful. It is a nice dialog.
The focus is on Keyra, as helpful member in the Elive Team, we don't need to discuss the secure-boot topic here.


this is already included in the betas since long time :slight_smile: already verified the secure-:poop: works

oh, it was the beta?

yeah :happy: :love: :applause:

I think so, but I can't say for sure, because I've overwritten the stick with tails (and remembered later about the persistance date I've lost, now). 'To get it done fast' is never the best approach.

Edit: It was the 32bit beta ... absolutly my fault ...

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