Full on crash after update/upgrade

I hate to be that guy that doesn’t post for ages and then twice in as many hours, but I’ve just had a big ole crash after apt get update/upgrade. Everything apart from the mouse pointer is frozen. Can’t close anything, switch to a different virtual desktop or f1 to cli, or restart E16. Again, I’m probably just having one of those days but, heads up. Maybe this isn’t just me.

Elive beta - Lenovo ideapad (don’t laugh, I like old rubbish machines.)

The worst thing I remember of that one is that I kept not finding the touch-pad blindly because it was somewhere "left of the middle".
Gahhh!! I upgraded the horrible thing to home-server after removing the batteries and the magnets from the lid to keep it from suspending. :madness:

Was that "installed" or "live" :thinking:
Could it be that you sinply ran out of available RAM ?

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Yep, and another little quirk of is the up arrow key is where shift is on mvery frustratingost other keyboard layouts so for the first month or so I was forever...well you can imagine.

It was installed. Might be that I was doing too much on it.

elive has sometimes big changes, but is hard to reach a change that can break everything

there's two important questions:

Just me I think. It is probably that I overloaded my machine. If it happens again I’ll investigate further :slightly_smiling_face:

well, we need to know the issue :slight_smile:

in any case, read the howto of the hardware check and do the proposed tests, if you have a hardware issue is needed to know soon to avoid future problems, in the case of a disk full, elive should already warn you about that

Okie doke, Will do :slight_smile: