Futuristic Terminal on Elive with superpowers on steroids

I think the amazing terminal in Elive deserves a howto to show some of its features

First of all, make sure you open the terminology terminal, press Alt + ESC and write its name

  • With Ctrl + Shift and C or V you can copy / paste like if was a graphical application
  • With Ctrl + Shift and T you open a tab
  • With Ctrl + Shift and PagUp or PagDown you can split it vertically and horizontally. You can also drag the limiters with your mouse to change the size


  • Press Ctrl + Shift + Home and you have a compiz-like exposé effect to select a Tab :sunglasses:


  • Press Alt + Shift + g and your typing input goes to all opened tabs at the same time :eyepopping:
  • With Ctrl + Shift and h you have a miniview opened that you can easily scroll to a specific place
  • Go to Settings -> Keys to know more of its hotkeys

You can also:

  • Open:

    • open emails when clicking on them
    • view the gravatar's image of an email when mouse-over it
    • open web browser when clicking to an url (or copy it)
    • view an image when clicking on its full path (Try: find . -type f -iname '*'png)
    • reproduce views when clicking on the file full path
    • open any file from its assigned app to launch from
  • Copy / paste:

    • selecting with your mouse, you can drag your selection to be pasted elsewhere (with mouse middle click, or copy with ctrl + shift + c)
    • with Ctrl pressed before to drag, you drag a boxed selection instead to follow your line, this is very useful when you want to copy a portion of contents and ignore the previous one, or from copying from an editor
  • Zoom

    • Resize text using Ctrl and scroll button to resize the font to your liking
  • Own commands: Terminology has some own commands, for example:

    • tybg: to set a background image for your terminal (or animated video!)
    • tycat: just like "cat" to show the contents of a file, it shows the contents in your terminal like displaying an image or even a video, as a part of your terminal contents:


Not enough? just type "help" in your terminal of Elive and you will see a small intro of the possibilities and features available

Now, you know which distro includes the most powerful terminal ever



yep, definitely windoze expee :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

On a more serious note, this is amazing, elive is the best! :nod:

With "terminology -b some_movie.mp4" you can even have a movie runnig as a background whilst typing commands over it ........ How cool, if totally useless, is that? :w00t:

Only one rules them all. :madness: