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I would like to try GNOME / Geary · GitLab on Elive

I tried to run sudo make-deb compil from the source folder

Is it how I should do it ?


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I don’t recognize that command / tool

Actually compiling software is not an easy topic, well it is not a hard topic but it requires to know more than one simple thing

Maybe it is worth to create a good howto for that :slight_smile:

For instance, this (allways existing file in source codes) seems to contain the correct info: INSTALL · master · GNOME / Geary · GitLab

Bad news is, i dont think that you will have updated dependencies in your Elive for use / install it

I started reading the Elive Manual as recommended LOL so the compile command was on page 10 :slight_smile:
5.1. Compilations and external programs
Elive recommends to install and use only programs included on its repositories. If you feel
adventurous enough, you can compile and install any program on your system:
Packages from other distros: Using packages from other distros is a VERY incompatible thing
to do, especially if they are packages from ubuntu for example. Also, they need to be
compatible with the libs of your system. You can, for example, install .rpm packages, go to and download the program in .rpm format for fedora 4 (libs more compatible
than 5). Use the “alien” tool from root to convert it to debian package, like,
“alien skype-xxxx.rpm” and you have a .deb package created. You can install now with just
the “dpkg -i package.deb” command.
Compiling a program is a very easy thing to do, especially on Elive. You can use the very
powerful make-deb tool. Just go to the source code and launch “make-deb compile” and in
some minutes you have a debian package built with your program compiled on it. Maybe you
need to install some libs needed to compile your program, you are informed if is the case.

ooh… make-deb is a very old (elive) tool, actually migrated to a much better one, but not included in the default elive (only used for the building tools for elive)

I think that you are the first person to read this document in 14 years LOL

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