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A lot of good stuff on

I was wondering if people would be interested in upgrading the enlightenment backgrounds and other themes so they can run on stable and development of Elive?

The website is full of goodies and you can still download the stuff presented there.

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It depends what one is running, i.e Stable or Beta.

GET.E is for E17 specifically so can be used on Stable without any problem.

On Beta not so much, either E16 or E24. Often it's harder to enable existing themes for other versions than it is to create new ones. :cry:
There are already multiple themes available for Beta. A simple "apse e16-theme" will show what's available.
Enlightenment (E24) doesn't have a lot of themes on offer albeit some previous ones will run.
They can be found on deviantart.

Backgrounds are in general E-version agnostic. :smile_cat:

you can also try :slight_smile: