Gmail web as a default email?


Would gnome-gmail be usable on Enlightenment E24 ?

I would like to use web gmail as a default mailer. Is that possible with Elive ?
there is already possibility to do that with gnome-gmail with gnome. Any possibilities with E24 ?


It should work if it's just a GUI that changes a few default programs...I haven't tried it tho.

That would be as simple as using "thunderbird", setting it to gmail and using it as your default mail instance.

I think other IMAP capable mail clients like Sylpheed or even Mutt will do the same ...... just NOT the web version through your browser.

We could easily create a widget using webkit (similar to the stock-exchange widget) to run web-gmail but it would be a major security risk and a lot of unnecessary work/code to maintain.

Of course there's nothing stopping you from installing gnome-gmail and test if it will work. The app is in the repositories after all, so should work as a stand-alone mailer..

I installed it and it seems to work ok.
I have made it the default program for email in E24 config. I have to test it a little bit more but up to now it's working.



I will mark post as solved if I find how to do it :smiley:

It's in the 3 dots to the left of "reply" under the post.

3 dots always means "more options" on computer software. :smiley:

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