Graphic card not working with beta 3.8.2 Dell + Radeon

The stable version works very well on my Dell 1501 Laptop but not the latest beta.

Here is what I get

Should I stay with the Stable version, or is there hope ?



thanks for the image which shows the model :slight_smile:

the stable version includes the propietary FGLRX drivers, for the new beta's they are not provided anymore (not available from debian)

you can try to install the driver yourself, aparently is this one (or the other version with the +M value):

so download the file and run it from live mode, you may need to boot from "console mode without desktop" (first boot options), then run the file and if the install is successful, try to run "startx" from user (eliveuser)

note: you may need the privative-drivers boot option instead, for that, press TAB and add "nox11autologin", this will give you the "console mode" too with those extra privative drivers options

I tried to boot in the console mode but it doesn't work, it just jams without opening or installing anything.

Strangely, if I try to boot in graphics mode, after trying to install the graphic driver as in the image, I end up in a console mode after that...

I tried a few more things but could no access the internet in that mode, so I will keep using it with the stable version but will try again later to relearn how to work with the command line.

Btw, when I try in Graphics safe mode, I get a spoken welcome and can hear a click when I move the mouse, so it looks installed but with no video.