Graphical mount app for netmount?

for the stupid in me. is there a gui to help using netmounts like nfs or smb and make them permanent?

Doesn't thunar do that for you?

for unknown reason it doesn't work. I did it now manually at all is fine

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Yeah, because sometimes thunar gets a tad weird when (un)mounting stuff I actually installed "nautilus" as well.
It's a lot stabler and especially clearer with mounts

yepp. thought nautilus is just using thunar. I went around that problem and used fstab instead. maybe eLive can implement a beautifil graphical mount client :wink:

It behaves differently and lacks some functionality (like opening a terminal, resizing bitmaps) that thunar has .... so actually I'd say it uses itself. :upside_down_face:

For mounts over the networks, not a bad idea.
Frankly I us "filezilla" for that but I concede that's a tad overdone. :madness:

filezilla is missing in eLive :wink:

"api filezilla" will suffice. :nod: