grub is overwritten

after installing elive my mbr is overwritten and elive did not embed all of the bootentries before. is there a way not to overwrite the mbr?

Mmh, if i remember correctly the installer only asks about that if found more than one hard disk, otherwise just installs the MBR

Maybe could be a good idea to implement the asking of the MBR (unless the user selects “less options”), or maybe just in case more than one systems / partitions are found (note: partitions is more important)

I have noted this for implement in the future

Got an inspiron 1750 , partition on HDD with windows 10 and LMDE Cindy . I decided to keep those two and purchased an ext.Hdd on which I this morning successfully installed Elive .Works well so far grub installed on dev/c which is my ext.HDD . But when starting the computer, only appears windows and Elive although LMDE still there as when I start without connecting my usb ext.Hdd , LMDE appears with windows.....