Have an acoustic alarm if low battery on a modern laptop

Hey all,
I noticed that most of my more recent laptops do NOT have internal speakers on the mobo and thus cannot emit acoustic warnings when a battery is low on power.

This had the result of a fairly angry wife (who'd just gotten a new laptop) after her machine suddenly switched off and made her lose an hour of typing. :eyepopping:

Ergo, I concocted a small (sox based) script that does emit a repeating warning on her laptop (and mine now) when the battery drops below 5%.
So all is well in our household (again, for now) but .......

Are there others that have come across this failure i.e is it only my thinkpads or only E16 or what???

  • In case others are actually interested I'll gladly put it up on gitlab for download or a HowTo here on the forum.

if im not wrong, i think cairo-dock (which is used by default) includes a sound telling the user that the computer is going to be shutdown when the battery drops around these levels

note that internal speakers doing that is something more like a bios feature or similar, we simply need the battery desktop app doing that, e16 has not a default one but cairo-dock is the "component" that integrates more features on e16. While E25+ has an own battery gadget, I don't know if features that sound thing but would be easy to add this feature

I'm not sure either (I don't use cairo-dock) but it would seem to me that in that case, 'gnome-power-manager' would be used ...... and that doesn't get installed by default. :thinking:
On the older thinkpad the alarm was there, using the mobo speaker but complete silence on the newer ones that don't have that speaker.

I use 'tint2' as a dock and that allows adding an extra script/command when the battery goes below a designated level.

Just checked and cairo-dock battery indeed has sounds set for 15% and shutdown by default.
Now the question arises if that is a 'one-shot' thingy or does it repeat the warning at <15% until shutdown....repetition makes sense.