Hello, thanks & asus TP200SA


Hopping I'm at the right place for this begining in that forum...

Frist off all: MANY THANKS for Elive! I already install it on my personal eeepc 1001PX, where it runs fully well, with a sshd; I'm too on the way to install it on my M4400 beside Linux Mint witch is my usual Linux but still a bit machine consuming...

I am a money less French, so for now can't let a donation for Elive, but trying to let it know, and I already made a presentation "at work" to a guy that take months to decide testing it on his secondary laptop (pre UEFI one) on double boot with Windope, and 15 days later ask me to install it fully (erasing Winloss) on his work computer Asus TP200SA...
On this machine, I test Mint with no problem, but tere's, at least two bad things with Elive:
-A startx issue illegal extended x86 opcode; Server terminated with error (1) ....
-it seems that the wifi-bluetooth card is not seen; It's an atheros QCA9377 and I found nothing on this forum about it...

Best regards & French salutations!

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Hello Franc,

Thanks for your words and reports :slight_smile:

So the problem is after to install the system that correctly works from Live mode ? Where do you see this "x86 server terminated" error ? and which version of Elive you used ?

About the wifi card, Im building now an updated version 3.0.5 which includes a bit of improved hardware support and some bugfixes that have seen in 3.0.4, you may try this version to see if the wifi works but if not, you may have better luck for the wifi waiting for the release of 3.7.0 (next beta versions with much updated software and drivers)


It don't launch in Live mode; I tested the "live and install", "graphical problems", "safemode" (that should perhaps be "Safe mode"?...
That runs until claiming about not recognizing the wifi... and thru the startx problem...
It's normaly the 3.0.3, but at the startup image telling 3.0.0 (but kernel 3.16.0 pae)

I'm currently downloading the 3.0.4 (one hour and a half to go)...

Thanks & regards!

fixed for next builds

and thru the startx problem...

the startx should attempt different ways to reach the graphical system, if you let it running during 1-2 minutes, btw I have improved the next build 3.0.5 with debug information about this

fixed this too yesterday, should be included in next build (not very important in any case, was the number wrong set visually only)

stopp !!!! better to wait 3.0.5 that I will upload tomorrow that includes all the fixes and improvements :slight_smile:


So: at live boot it says "wifi device not detected"

xinit server error

trying to generate DCC
Forcing VESA
Forcing VESA+DCC

Fatal server error:
AddScreen/ScreenInit failed for driver 0
Server terminated with error (1). closing log file.
xinit: giving up
Xinit: unable to connect to x server: connection refused
xinit: server error
Start a console shell instead to try again? y/n:

Download stoped!
I'm supposed to let back the TP200SA tomorrow morning at 11.30 (in France) to it's owner, so if I can get the 3.0.5 during the next twelve hours I will try it and report; The "save way" if that not fit for now will be Mint for waiting (at least there's a Winslave ejected)!

Your work is very nice and efficient! I'm happy about my inscription on your mailing list years ago and the email for the 3.0 cames just in time for my eeepc 1001PX that I use when in energy (electricity) loss and my M4400 out of battery!


Your debug messages of the xinit server are just perfect :slight_smile:

After to google a bit, this is an Intel graphic card, which should not give any problems, so the only possible issue is that the drivers in Elive 3.0.x are too old for this machine, you should wait for the release of 3.7.x (next beta's :happybounce: ) which should happen in the next weeks and will include much updated software and everything

so if I can get the 3.0.5 during the next twelve hours I will try it and report

Sadly this doesn't sounds like it would be possible for these versions, he must wait the release of the next beta versions (subscribe to the newsletters to know about it), or use a different machine for put Elive for now :slight_smile:


Thank you for you kind words :slight_smile:


I will try nevertheless tomorrow if possible, and in this case I'll off course report about it!
The guy already have the Elive I fit in (priority) double boot with the winwin on his home laptop and feel it very good, letting winshaft just in case and to verify files compatibility for his work... It's why he ask me to transform the TP200SA where windowns takes so much place and hardware power that it comes crazy!
I will tell him to subscribe to your newsletter; Anyways, I'm in so when the info comes I will transmit...

I'm an Amiga-ist, using the "NG" system MorphOS that runs on old apple PPC or Pegasos, Efika, BlizzardPPC...
It's, if uncompleted, a very fluid OS; For me, your Elive is the Linux that match the more with this sens of feeling...

Best regards again & salutations from France!

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Thank you :slight_smile:

BTW this is a just-implemented worth of testing (3.0.5), just to see if works, press Tab in the boot menu and add the parameter:


It should make working some rare graphical cards, but this functionality should be already added by default when the first graphical run attempt fails


I will test it if I can!


3.0.5 available for download! :cheerleader:

Many thanks!

I just launch the countdown for the email, so when I wake up in about 6-7 hours, I will download and made the test!

In some hours for my report!



Just running the test with 3.0.5 for the TP200SA; writed on the usb key with the Mint tool;
Launch, complain for not recognizing some wifi card, stopping with config audio card...
ok starting cleantemporalthings: daemonizing.
ok starting fixdevshm: watcher added;
[....]enabling laptop mode...SG_IO: bad/missing sens data, sb[ ]: f0 00 05 00 00 00 00 0a 00 00 00 00 26 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ...
done (enabled, not active).

Exact same with simulate=ecorenovsync .

With "graphical problems", datas and black screen & prompt;

Using " Safe mode ", I can't read all lines, but before the window "no wifi detection" there's one saying [ ok] for bluetooth detection (rfcomm version 1.11?)... and it's the same card for the wifi... And black screen & prompt;

Via "Debug and Verbose mode ", no time to read, but seen a set of [ ok ] about the bluetooth, ending with black screen & prompt;

"Free drivers only" = same;
"Console mode..."=same;

Using the console mode, at the end I can't made "shift + pageup" to read the lines due to reducted laptop keyboard, so I test "in the air" some shell commands:
lspci reconise the Qualcomm Atheros QCA9377 or audio ( x5-E8000/J3xxx/N3xxx series)
iwconfig says "no wireless extensions"

Can't tell more for now!


Ok, definitively this computer needs updated drivers, for both the graphical system and the WiFi card, that will happen with 3.7.x, where infortunately the E17 desktop has a few not working things at the moment (E16 well integrated, stable and working, E22 without Elive customizations)

By other side you should be able to make the graphical system working with VESA mode or with fbdev, if you know how to configure a xorg piece with this you should be able to make it working from the console mode (edit, startx), but is not very easy

I will investigate in my testing computers how to make them working and update this thread


I, at least for a little while, can test other things if you give me some guidance, in the way that even with Mint, I had problems: not for install by itself, but nothing at reboot, going directly to the bios... Seems to be this **** uefi... In fine, the way in Mint was to install via oem mode and here it make it (precedents tryings doesn't boot even when choosing uefi in the installer options)...
So the guy lets me again his TP200SA in order to arrive at something usable for a new user... Right now Mint is ok on it, running well but somewhat place consuming again...

Best regards!

Check this FAQ about UEFI if needed How to disable UEFI mode in the BIOS - Elive Linux


I had seen this page you link to!
Now it's ok, the TP200SA is in it's owner hands, under Mint, that create by itself an EFI partition with somewhat 500Mo, for 33Mo of file on it... So it's thinkable that it let place for perhaps 12 installed systems???
Anyways, as soon as I'll receive the email note for Elive 3.7, I will report the info to the guy and try it!
I will not ask you in how many time, please don't worry about it; A "private" joke in MorphOS forums is "Two more weeks", because in facts, the main team has always tells: "it went when it's ready"!
Sometime feeling long, but worth the case, as for your Elive 3.0!

Just perhaps a little detail about the logic from 3.0.5 to 3.7.x?

Thanks again & salutations from France!

Do you mean this? Elive versioning numbers assigned to releases


I mean, yep!
Very well!

Many thanks!