[HELP REQUIRED] - Battery efficiency benchmarks

I have seen some people requesting the website to show the "battery efficiency benchmarks" compared to other distros

If anybody knows how to do that, or tools for benchmark it, could be nice to do some research as comparison with other distros

I take my laptop along on all my boat trips as well as on holidays so: I get excellent mileage/Wh from my laptops.
What other benchmark is there? :w00t:

Well, I don't know, I think that could be nice to write a comparison about battery usage between different systems (windows, ubuntu, mint, etc...) some common ones

I'm thinking in what the user that is interested on this topic wants to find :thinking:

Of course if Elive is better in battery saving, which i think it is, otherwise there's nothing to "promote" about that

Not sure if there's some benchmark values / statistics normally used for that

I was just pulling your leg there. :smiley14:

Battery efficiency is so different on so many kinds hardware that the only thing one could compare is efficiency on exactly similar machines running similar tasks i.e that's where the software kicks in.

Heavy CPU usage is a battery killer so a lightweight WM like Enlightenment definitely has an advantage there.
On top there's the way how battery usage gets important when one runs short i.e on a long flight watching a movie (or two) .... that's where turning off unneeded tasks (like wifi, bluetooth, unused browser tabs, etc.) might create some extra time.
We could consider making a little app that could do that .... much like battery saving mode on Android phones.

  • Although Elive has excellent 'power-saving' OOTB (especially in auto-suspend) there might be usage for a general 'elive-power-settings' tool.