Heres a pic of my desktop

on 34 in lg curved widescreen

looks gorgeous :smiley:

ok thanks heres a screensot of wallpaper I installed after you pointed me in the right direction


I must tell you I am very happy with this os it is like a breath of fresh air,Iwas looking for something different thanks to you people I have found it there will be another donation coming shortly
thank you Ron


Envious right now , How do i get system Monitors embedded in the Wall paper like you have in the top right corner?

just download the wall papers you want from the web make sure they match the screen resolution then use this code to open folder where you put the downloaded wallpapers
thats it your conky will stay on the screen

@IamElive this is actually the version Beta of Elive, which includes the monitor gadget by default, you can try the Beta version but I think the Stable is better in the overall experience :slight_smile: , you can also copy the ~/.conkyrc file included and put it in your Elive Stable, then install "conky" and run it, it will appear the same way!