Here's a thought

Whilst browsing the web I cam across this site:

And grand ommission there is that, although Elementary is an option ..... Elive isn't. :scream:

Maybe we should grab an opportunity there, especially as it wouldn't require much effort to get Elive installed on those machines.

@Thanatermesis that would be your call. As it's a Dutch company, I wouldn't mind setting something up but would need your direct support ... or at the least a clear "Go ahead!" signal.

Frankly, I tink this would be a very good option for a "Retro" installation... i.e an opportunity to seek press coverage. :thinking:


Also read this on their webpage:

Because we find it very important to maintain the freedom and openness of Linux in general, we give a part of our profits to various Linux developers, Linux based distributions and Linux communities. When you buy from us you therefore indirectly stimulate the development of your chosen Linux OS.

So if anyone buys linux laptops from there, you @thanatermesis will get a cut :smiley:

Another thing...

I don't think WE need to install the OS on the laptops, IIRC they install.

Another site to think about:

No, but considering it's an OS delivered on the laptop one cannot afford to tell buyers to go get help here on the forum.
Ergo, it has to perform perfectly.
On top, I'm not starting negotiations without full support beforehand.... My time is precious enough.

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Good point. I never thought about it like that.