Hi all thank for the add to forum

Hi all

Thanks for adding me to forum. Look forward to get to know more about Planet Elive

Best wishes

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A hearty welcome here at the forum. :cheerleader:
Ask all your questions here but first do take a look at the FAQ and Howto department if you run into any issues.
Chances are that there's already an answer there or here on the forum -- the search tool is a handy tool to look for stuff. :smiley14:


I'm not sure I've been here long enough to say welcome, but welcome anyway :slight_smile:



Thanks for the welcome.

I am trying to install a persistence [ version that saves past session, a USB on OS that can be moved from computer to computer ].

Current machine specs are low- [ can update on specs ] . The problems run into with using persistence mode was so far related to USB being so slow 2.0 and not large enough in message given by elive for persistence as reasons for it not working.

The system suggested 3.0 speed USB. My question is if I have a 500 GIG External HD , how would it be formatted using Gparted on live elive running at the moment & would there still be a speed issue . Any advise on this would be great , oh and keep all current data 500gig drive.

Thanks all !

Thanks all

Long answer short: NOPE that will not be possible without jumping through multiple hoops.
Creating the persistent drive partitions, will destroy all the data the disk contains.
Do yourself a favor and buy a good USB3 drive .... they're dirt cheap these days.


I am interested in using your ISO. However current laptop specs below viable. Is it permitted to use custom ISO we discussed on cloud server Vultr ?

That permission would be for the service provider to give/allow.

By itself, Elive is not really suitable as a server distro, it's aimed at Desktop use primarily.
If the laptop in question is even below par for Elive 3.0.6 Stable I doubt that there's anything useful available that can be shoehorned onto it as a desktop, anymore.

For Stable a simple Pentium with 2Gb RAM should suffice although I would advise to installing to an SSD opposed to an IDE hard disk for more speed.
As with running from USB, a goo.d disk with high through-put speed makes a real difference

Hi Triantares

I have managed to finally get my hands on a decent USB. To re-attempt an install of Elive on my old laptop. The USB is a Samsung USB 3.1 Flash ( BAR Plus - Backward compatible with USB 2.0 ) size is 64 GB. ( Transfer speeds up to 300MB/s ) .

Can you advise if that USB would be up to the task?

That will be just fine. Good luck. :happy: