History of my commands in terminal

I just reinstalled my Desktop that was my ELive 3.7.x Reiser4 to a larger SSD driver and choosed EXT4 ( Encrypted) instead of Reiser4, to play it safe... Even if I wasn't having any problem with Reiser4 though

I a copying back from the old drive some application config /home/user/.config and some are in /home/user/

Everything is smooth for now.

BUT I WOULD LIKE if possible, to get back my history of Terminal command
I mean, usually I type a few letter and UP ARROW and can recall previous commands

Where is that history of command stored ?

For zsh there's a file in your home called ".zhistory" and for bash ".bash_history". :boogie:


for " terminal aliases command" do you happen to know ?
Presently looking for it.

I am lazy, I could reboot and boot in the old Elive and type the command to get the list...

That would be .bashrc :yum: