How do I get my original Cairo-Dock configuration back?

I have played around with Cairo themes, but was not happy with the results. But now I cannot get the orinial one back that comes with Elive, when it is freshly installed. Any suggestions?
Thanks a lot in advance

/etc/skel/ contains the configuration for a new user.

mv ~/.config/cairo-dock ~/.config/cairo-dock.$(date "+%Y-%m-%d")
cp /etc/skel/.config/cairo-dock/ ~/.config/cairo-dock

is untested, but should rename your current cairo-dock configuration, and then copy the default.

there's only one issue in the solution of @TheTechRobo, these skel files needs extra modifications, for example some default configurations has values like /home/eliveuser which of course will change if to /home/yourusername, making your conf not working or having permission denied errors (for cairo-dock i think is fine)

to solve that elive has an own tool called elive-skel:

elive-skel upgrade

or to go directly for this one:

elive-skel upgrade .config/cairo-dock

it will move your actual conf to a dir called .old

Note that some configurations may needs extra configurations, like conky, if you upgrade it you should manually edit its conf to set your network and the transparency value, alternatively you can just hit the "restart my desktop configurations" in your applications menu which will crash and run a new set of defaults (including enlightenment desktop, cairo-dock, and conky, just like reconfiguring a few things back)

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