How do I set startup applications in elive?

Hello there,
I wonder how I can create startup applications, i.e. launch an application when I boot the system (autostart). I have looked around in the settings, but could not find anything - maybe I overlooked something.
Thank you for any hints - I am sure there must be something.

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Ummm, would that be in Elive 3.0.6?

Yes, it is 3.0.6

You can check your E17 settings, in Applications -> startup applications, to see if you can enable it from this list

Otherwise, just run the application and right click in the borders to open the Menu and select "Remember options", and select the something-like "run this application at desktop start", you may probably need also to check an identifier for it (like WM-Class)

I also suggest to first put this applicaiton in the correct desktop and screen position, so you can also add these options in "remember options" so it will always be opened on this desktop and place, making your desktop much better organized by default :slight_smile: :boogie:


And how do I do with a console command? In my case it is Timidity with a couple of options, which I need as a sound server? Or maybe with a shell script?

mmmh, then just try to add it to your:

scite ~/.elxstrt

script, its very old and maintained for compatibility, it should run anything that you put on it :slight_smile:

make sure to add a & in the end of the commands so that the script exits correctly

Thank you, I will try and tell you if this works.

Bingo! That does the trick! Good that this little script is still on board! It's so simple and elegant to just put stuff like what I need here in there!
Thanks a lot! You made my evening.