How does one enable xdmcp in Elive?

I’ve installed Elive as a VM to test. When I install an OS into a VM (such as my Solaris environment), I normally enable xdmcp so I can then access the VM in full screen. Might I add that it is more performant in this mode than when using the VirtualBox interface.

I’ve normally edited the display manager configuration file to add a [Xdmcp] section with Enable=true and that gets it sorted. How do I accomplish the same on Elive?

OK - found the solution - I was pleasantly surprised to find that Elive is using lightdm and I’d already got this working on several Ubuntu experimental VM’s.

For those that want to venture:
I modified /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf as follows:

sudo vi /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf



After that is configured, then run this command:
sudo /etc/init.d/lightdm restart

Then, on your host system:
ctrl+f1 (or whichever command you use to bring up a console):

Then run the command:
sudo X -query <ip_address_of_vm> :8

Normally on Ubuntu the X-Display is started after the TTYs which makes it :7 so you need to go one up.

To access the VM in full screen: ctrl+alt+f8
To go back to host systems: ctrl+alt+f7


ISSUE: When you access Elive desktop via XDMCP, you will need to disable the composite module as otherwise you will have a very sluggish desktop.

EDIT: I’d better give attribution:

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I’ve restored lots of performance by disabling the composite module. Moving windows around is now superfast. However, scrolling in Firefox is still sluggish - not sure if there’s anything else I can do. But for now, I wanted a full screen window to get a feel of Elive and I have that.

I’m not that much into effects so I’m not losing much while I test. I’m after a display manager other than Gnome/KDE. I’ve grown accustomed to Unity under Ubuntu but since that is now history, I’m looking for an alternative. If this proves to be usable for my day to day tasks as a sysadmin, then when all security issues are resolved, this will surely become my daily driver.

From there, I’m hoping we get an uptake in Patreons so this amazing looking distro can get to the next phase; can we all say - Take over the world!!! Pinky would surely love this one - :joy:!


seems like composite not works good in your hardware, but try to switch between hardware based or software based, so disabling it entirely is not a good experience, also try the ecomorph module

firefox is always slow, try opera or chrome

Note: @ak2766 please update the part of behaving sluggish with the fix (disabling composite for this mode?)

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This is most likely because I’m running Elive in a VM; I know Elive will run fast if installed native. I’m still acquainting myself with the Elive way of doing things; took me a while to figure out how to disable composite module for instance. It is most likely documented in the FAQ, but it sticks better in my head if I navigate the system while learning.

Will give Opera a go.


We need a popup in desktop start explaining this :slight_smile:

Joke… but yes, a popup is what would be needed, giving the specific information about a specific topic in the needed/correct moment

Problem is that nobody reads popups and they makes trolls to complain (and making bad publicity about Elive)