How I can install Steam in Elive?


How do Install steam to the elive enviroment?


I tried the installer for debian/wheezy and doesn’t works, after to investigate I found that it download files for ubuntu (so it is not an installer for debian!), which of course leads to an uncompatible-with-debian state, giving glibc errors

Unfortunately I think that we should wait for the next beta’s after 3.0, more details about this in: Why Elive 3.0 uses old software / drivers


Going to release new alphas soon, steam included and tested :slight_smile:


Is there any way to get rekord box and Maschine or some music production tools to work with Elive



For music production, I personally use Audacity... I even had to made sound engineer work with it and it went very well..!

Musical salutations!

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