How I can install Steam in Elive?

How do Install steam to the elive enviroment?

I tried the installer for debian/wheezy and doesn’t works, after to investigate I found that it download files for ubuntu (so it is not an installer for debian!), which of course leads to an uncompatible-with-debian state, giving glibc errors

Unfortunately I think that we should wait for the next beta’s after 3.0, more details about this in: Why Elive 3.0 uses old software / drivers

Going to release new alphas soon, steam included and tested :slight_smile:

Is there any way to get rekord box and Maschine or some music production tools to work with Elive


For music production, I personally use Audacity... I even had to made sound engineer work with it and it went very well..!

Musical salutations!

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Audacity is a sound editor, not an actual DAW. I am lookingfor Daws that can work with ELive.

You can look for it in Synaptic.
What do you expect from the software you are looking for -
do you got extra audio hardware -
do you want to have a virtual DJ -
do you want to compose with attached extra hardware like keyboards -
do you want a drum- machine -
do you want ......

Yes to all of that!! It would be nice if Ableton live or Native intstruments Maschine studio (both DAW and HArdware), Or FL Studio

For your additional audio input hardware I doubt
that they are free drivers available (hardware dongle??) but, let's see
There are at least 10 applications out there,
some are available through the Debian repositories, others are available as .deb packages for install.
If so, watch out to grab the right version for ' your' Debian.
On the other hand I also doubt that you will come far
with a 32bit system, or a weak machine.
When it comes to loops, effects, cut/ mix, dubbing and harddisk recording, live recording
you will need
Speed, speed, speed
and first of all:

I suggest
You sit down and make your mind about
what you really want to do and
what are your personal availabilities -
can you really deal with a professional software like this - or are you running may be in a (financial) desaster.

Coming back to your root question:
Yes, there are:

Steam is included in the new beta's

I close this thread with this answer :slight_smile: