How install Elive in HD?

I have an old computer working in WXP now and wants to install Elive and cant not do it
It have two HDD, in one is WXP and another one is free.(for Elive)
I can not access to USB in launching computer, to run Elive (Bios has not the option).
How can I install Elive in second HDD and launcher to select OS?
Do you have any idea?

I cannot post links here, but do a search for the PLoP boot manager. Depending on you PC, this might do the trick. Try more than once because its not 100% consistent in my experience.

Actually GRUB2 should be able to boot from that if you want to. It would require some tweaking, and installing GRUB on your first hard drive, tho.
Try “super grub2 disk” to test booting your USB disk. That is if your machine will boot from CD drive.

Another trick (actually it’s almost the same trick as above) could be to install a small bootable linux base system dual booting on your hard-drive that then loads/mounts your USB disk… i.e. your /home and/or /usr on the USB disk.

I have do it with PLoP, In new version has an (.bat) option to install in Windows as “InstallToBootMenu.bat” and it works fine to me.
Finally I can install Elive…:slight_smile:

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