How to activate the Hardware accelerated without initializing desktop again

When we restart Desktop Configuration, we are offered to Activate or not the Hardware acceleration

Is there a way to do it, if we didn’t not 1st, without Restarting the Desktop Config ( so I don’t look all mu customizing)

I looked at the Custom Elive commands but didn’t find it

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nice one :slight_smile:

That is from the Composite module, so open the composite configurations and you have it :slight_smile: , its basically switching between the software and GL (hardware-accelerated) engine

If accelerated works correctly, is much suggested over the software one (which feels more slow)

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You mean load or unload the module once in ELive ?

Is it possible, for me it is " a lot faster" with composite module Unloaded ?
Example if I SUPER KEY + right/Left to move to a window from my left screen to the right and the opposite it is way faster.,

Moving from one workspace to another too

So I guess I will leave it unloaded ?

no, loading / unloading (third shot) is to make the module work (enable / disable entirely the functionality, or let’s say, to use composite too, for this one), but you need to enter on its configurations (first window of your shot) and configure like in the second one, then select the engine tab to found the software VS GL mode

no, you will lack features like transparent terminals, smooth desktop, vsync, and you will see black boxes in your desktop, and a half featured engage (dock bar)

software mode can feel slow, but the hardware one should be faster


ok it’s working well now… .Fast again without Reseting my Destop Config !

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