How to adjust clock to read system time?

How to adjust clock to read system time instead of adding hzc to the system time?

Unfortunately we don't have a configurator of time in the beta versions of Elive, in short: it is configured automatically every time you connect to a new internet connection (so it searches for the country of your IP and its based on that), the tool that does that is:


So you can read the code and see how it works, maybe we can add extra things like a boot option to not change the time but in the end ideally what we would need is a GUI for that, and is not quite easy :thinking:

You can also try to simply hack the configuration files where is assigned the times, which are:


If you don't connect to a different internet connection, by manually modifying the previous file (do a backup first) in the "last", "bios mode" and "network connection" lines it should suffice :thinking:

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